Updated: Oct 11

One of my many odd (nah, let’s go with unique) things about me is my fascination with laundromats! I find them so entertaining. I listen to the infinite humming of giant toy blocks tumbling and jumbling random fabrics while smelling the heavenly aroma of jasmine & wild lavender fabric softener filling the room with peace... all the while, my mind is kept occupied by visualizing a game of chess on the mix-matched colored floor tiles. For a while, I used to feel like my life was in a never-ending cycle. Constantly spinning in the same place, but lately, I recognized that’s no longer true. I just needed that extra cycle to fluff out the wrinkles. Feeling refreshed takes time, and I think it’s important for all of us to utilize that extra cycle if needed. There’s no rush! Iron out those creases, then continue to strut your stuff.

Side note- since living on the road, I try to take a photo of every laundromat I use, then edit it in black and white because… well.. #art. The rate I’m going I’ll probably have a large enough collection to fill an art gallery. Who’s going to attend?