Updated: Jul 19, 2021

I have always loved the wind. Growing up in Florida it usually meant a storm was brewing. As a child, I have memories of my family on beach days getting caught in the middle of afternoon thunderstorms. We’d end up racing back to the car to take shelter, all to enjoy the warmth of a sandy beach towel wrapped around our backs, bodies covered in goose bumps, eating our PB&J lunches while watching the rain fall through the steamy windows.

Lake Meredith, Texas has a different type of wind. It’s a dry. It has been a constant gust that makes the trailer rock as if I’m riding out an earthquake. A steep 200-foot cliff dips down through cacti and yuca that will leave you standing surrounded by bright red canyon walls that meet the deep blue water.

Since living on the road, I've gotten used to having a "wherever the wind takes me" mentality. It's been one of the greatest delights I've found in this little life of mine. Floating one place to the next, unsure of what awaits. The unexpected. The unknown. I'm hopelessly attracted to the mystery of it all.

For those looking to boondock, this is a wonderful location if you can withstand the wind.

  • Free

  • Awesome views

  • Dump and fill station

  • Some public showers and bathrooms available

  • Strong Verizon


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