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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I started doing self-portraits in high school. I used to set up my tripod in the backyard, press the self-timer, and run into place. This was way before IG or Bluetooth remotes. (game changer btw!) It was a fun little hobby I used to do as a way of expression. Sadly, early on I received a lot of criticism for my photography and got asked why I was so obsessed with myself. It wasn’t that I needed to be in the pictures (If any of you know me, I honestly hate eyeballs on me- the anxiety is real!) but it was difficult finding anyone who wanted to be my subject and bring my vision to life. Unfortunately, their comments got inside my head, and I gave up on self-photography for almost a decade.

After a long break, I’m finally back at it! Every so often I receive questions about how I create my content, or rather, solo female travelers questioning their own capabilities of doing it themselves. My advice- just *do it*. You’re going to get frustrated; you’re going to have days where it just isn’t working, but that’s okay. Learn from it and keep moving forward.

For me- it’s all about the challenge. I still have a tremendous amount to learn, but after each shoot I feel like I discover a new understanding for photography. There’s something so rewarding about creating *my own* images and videos. I look at it as more of an art. To shoot, model, and edit is a skill that, in my opinion, is overlooked.

Only recently have I become confident enough to start doing self-portrait shoots in public. *Take a look back at my laundromat post*. I set up my tripod in a laundromat, sat in a basket, tried posing cutely, while having an audience watch from the side. Was it awkward? Sure! But I saw my vision, so I decided to go for it, and I’m happy that I did.

Maybe it’s being in my 30s and finally not caring what other people think. Or maybe it’s me finally believing in myself to follow a passion I’ve been putting on the back burning. So, this is a post for anyone out there who needs that extra push. Remind yourself that nobody’s opinion matters except your own. You might surprise yourself with your capabilities. And if you're having fun with it, what else matters? People are going to talk regardless, might as well give them something to talk about :)

*cue Bonnie Raitt*

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