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Overlaying a cell map with the Bureau of Land Management is usually your best bet when picking out a boondocking location. That said, sometimes you’ll have those moments when you get to a location and the cell service isn’t as strong as you need it to be for work, or you’ll have a strong signal, but you’re greeted with a sign that reads, “No overnight camping”. Both scenarios are something you to need to be prepared for and having a few backup plans is a *must*, especially when you find yourself still in need of a location as the sun starts to set. Racing against the daylight to find a new boondocking area is a bad idea- trust me on this.

Gunnison, Colorado has got to be one the most “off the grid” boondocking experiences to date. It’s about an hour south from the Gunnison National Forest, surrounded by rolling hills and unique rock formations.

Well, the road to get to this spot was a doozy. Not quite sure how the RV managed to make it up the steep, gravelly dirt road in one piece but somehow did. It was a narrow one lane road which is always a bit nerve-wracking when pulling a RV with no place to scooch over if another car approaches. About 10 miles deep in the middle of nowhere was no service nor any place large enough to pull over to set up camp. It was one of those moments when you’re driving, and keep thinking, “Nahhh, this isn’t gonna work” and have already accepted that you’re gonna need to turn around.

Just as the feeling of defeat started to sink in, “Bam!” 5G service! Okay, okay, now somewhere large enough to set up camp…"Voila!" The perfect little opening just ahead. It was a lucky find!

Spending 2 weeks at this location was nothing short of amazing- especially watching the lightning storms. I would run up to the tallest hill I could find (sorry mom and dad) sit and watch the cloud to ground lightning slice through the sky. There were so many winding trails to explore with no end in sight- a dirt biker’s dream! This is certainly top of my list of boondocking locations so far.

If you look closely you can see the bolt!
Athena, living her best life.


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