Updated: Jul 19, 2021

This was the first place boondocking happened with the RV and it did not disappoint. This was in December, so most days the beach was entirely empty. You're suppose to have a permit before boondocking at this location. There is a store called, "The Big Store" off the main road where you can purchase one for $10 for the year - but because it was December, they said not to worry about it because the year was almost over.

Couple of tips for anyone who is interested in this location -

  • Keep the tides in mind. Be sure to park high enough up on the sand for when high tide comes in. There were moments when the tide reached only a couple of feet from the RV and I thought I was about to sail the ocean blue.

  • Because you need to park higher up on the sand, you'll most definitely be at quite a slant. In order to fix this, dig out the higher side where your tires will be to help level it out. A 4wheel drive vehicle is encouraged.

  • Sand, sand, sand! Of course camping on the beach you're going to have a sandy rig. In order to help prevent sand getting into all the the nooks and crannies of your rig, grab some painters tape (or any tape that can be removed easily) to help seal shut any openings on your slide or areas that you don't want the entire beach in. Afterwards, be sure to give your rig a thorough bath to prevent any rust.

  • Verizon coverage was strong.

Sat on the roof and shot this picture with my drone as a storm was rolling in.


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