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My name is Rachel. My friends call me Ray. I'm a dreadhead, nature enthusiast, weather geek, coffee addict, novice fiddler, and a rambler to anyone who will listen.


I'm a full-time digital nomad exploring the USA living out of a solar powered RV. This is a blog of some of the adventures I have been on, along with some tips and tricks to help you plan your next trip. Feel free to tag along as I share my slight obsession with the world around me.


While growing up, my parents always had a world globe sitting on a shelf in our living room. My brother and I would spin it, close our eyes, and take turns placing our fingers on random far out lands we knew nothing about. The objective of the game was wherever your finger landed would be the next place you would travel to. At the time, neither my brother nor I had traveled much beyond Florida but it was a fun way of dreaming and realizing how big the world was.

One summer, I was visiting home from college and I found myself face to face with the globe again. By this time I was itching to start traveling but had no idea where to start. I told myself that this was it, this next spin was going to determine where my first international travel destination would be. I took a deep breath, gave the globe a big spin, shut my eyes, and placed my finger on a random spot. When I open my eyes, I saw New Zealand staring back at me. After that that day, I saved my pennies, applied for a work visa, and bought my first international flight to New Zealand.

I traveled within New Zealand by foot most of my time there. I had 25 pounds of gear in my backpack, ranging from clothes, tent, sleeping bag, cooking supplies, food, water, and my SLR. On travel days I averaged about 15-20 miles of walking, pitched my tent wherever I could, and continued the next day. I also did my fair share of hitchhiking by literally putting out my thumb in hopes someone would pick me up. I ended up in the back of pickup trucks with pigs, rusted out car floorboards that you could see the road beneath your feet, and sweet old ladies whose cars always smelled like moth balls for some reason.

I did “work for accommodation”. Basically, when I wasn’t traveling, I found a town to work in and in exchange I would have a free place to sleep. They would usually throw in some food as well – the majority of the time it was a bowl of curry. I did everything from assisting with Kiwi bird sanctuaries, worked late hours in clubs applying glow paint on peoples’ bodies, gave tours guides up mountains, cleaned hotel rooms, and worked in the back of bars doing dishes.

New Zealand sparked my love for travel. It opened my eyes of how big this world is and how much there is to see. Whether it be international travel or within the US, travel has taught me that experiences are more valuable than possessions. Fast forward to today and I am currently living in a RV exploring the US state by state, with 23 countries under my belt and many more to come.

I want this blog to be used to inspire others to get outside and start exploring everything this world has to offer! Stop waiting for “one day” to come. Take a risk, buy that plane ticket, book that trip, hike that trail, get lost, and embrace every moment of it.  

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